July 2017

Call for Funding: £10,000 available for digital technology and flooding projects

An exciting opportunity has arisen for individuals, academics, community groups and other organisations to apply for grants for projects relating to digital technology and flooding.*

(*all proposals must be led by an organisation that is eligible for RCUK funding and must meet RCUK eligibility criteria.)

As part of our vision to extend the remit of our research, we are pleased to announce that we have two grants available for projects looking at digital technology and flooding. An example of the range of topics the funding could be used for include:

  • Visualisation and communication of probabilities, uncertainties and data;
  • Using and analysing social media to explore the public’s relationship to flooding;
  • Using GIS style systems to explore the pathway followed by the flood in a particular geographic area;
  • Analysing movement/behaviour of the people involved in flood events through spatial and temporal data;
  • Investigating how meta-data can enrich queries, for example related to citizen movement;
  • Incorporating novel forms of data into statistical models, for example combining social media data with gauge data;
  • Developing inclusive open and collaborative science: bringing together professional and amateur scientists, work with schools and community groups and seek to collaboratively produce new computational and environmental science;
  • Investigating the two way communication between communities and scientists in better understanding flood modelling of particular places;
  • Applying machine learning in tandem with other approaches, eg process modelling, ontologies, etc.

The deadline for applications is Friday 15th September 2017, 5pm.

Forms have now been removed from this page.