Current Projects

EPSRC Senior Fellowship in the Role of Digital Technology in Understanding, Mitigating and Adapting to Environmental Change

The research project has the goal of carrying out world leading research in the role of digital technologies and the natural environment, including environmental change.

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Models in the Cloud

Models in the Cloud is a new research project to exploit cloud computing infrastructure to run environmental models. The ultimate goal is to create a system that would allow anyone to run modelling experiments without the need for their own supercomputer.

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Past Projects

Environmental Internet of Things

The Internet of Things project is about having some devices that are used to measure different things in a place. That place can be a home, a city, a building or the nature itself.

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Catalyst is an interdisciplinary research project, based at Lancaster University in the UK, which brings together academics and communities to jointly imagine and build the next generation of digital tools for social change, and to explore innovative, bottom-up technology-mediated solutions to major problems in society.

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Environmental Virtual Observatory

The Environmental Virtual Observatory (EVO) was a project trialling the use of innovative web-based technologies. The aim of EVO was to demonstrate how researchers using cloud computing, in collaboration with government, environmental regulators, industry and local communities, could develop better, more effective, and efficient solutions to pressing environmental issues.

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