The Lost SoundsĀ is about encouraging people to pay attention to the natural environment through sound. It invites people to explore their local area and tune into the rhythm of the seasons and the wildlife around them.

The project can be delivered in a variety of community settings as well as schools; it combines lots of activities, including;

  • a guided nature walk,
  • fieldwork,
  • drawing birds and making prints using conductive ink,
  • recording and editing audio of bird calls,
  • making a circuit and programming it.

All of these activities build towards making a display of audio prints that when touched play the sounds of birds. The aim is to use digital tools and skills to stimulate observation, listening and attention to the non-human world.

This project is part of the EPSRC Senior Fellowship programme [Grant number: EP/P002285/1) that is exploring digital technologies and environmental change. The pilot project was funded by a Lancaster University Science and Technology Outreach Grant, match-funded by Computing at Schools. Recently the project was awarded funding from the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account to extend the work. The application was supported by the Eden Project, the National Trust and RSPB.


For more information visit The Lost Sounds website.