September 2017

Summer interning: Supraglacial Lakes

This summer I have had the opportunity to join the Ensemble team as an intern working with the Lancaster University Environmental Science department and funded by NERC. Though my main research has not been affiliated with any of Ensembles main projects, the team welcomed me with open arms and were keen to learn about my work.

I have been working with Amber Leeson to further study the supraglacial lakes (SGLs) on Laresen-B Ice Shelf before it’s collapse in 2002. This study uses results from Elliott Fosters dissertation paper, quantifying the evolution of supraglacial lakes on Larsen-B Ice Shelf in the two decades preceding its collapse, using spaceborne optical and SAR data. As a student from the Maths and Stats department here at Lancaster, I have enjoyed using and extending my skills to an area of study that I had never delved.

It has been an invaluable experience to witness first hand what life is like during a PhD and onwards. From team meetings, coffee breaks and the opportunity to go on several trips, including a lot of walks and bike rides (sorry Graham that I still haven’t joined!), the team at Ensemble always seem to be busy with fun things to do. It has been an interesting insight into the way a team like this works, with their range of skills, if you have a problem there is always someone there to help.

As well as the team directly around me in the office, Amber has been my supervisor for the whole project. Though my knowledge of environmental science and SGLs was almost zero when I began the summer, Amber has been extremely patient and understanding and has taught me a lot. As well as this, she has encouraged me to attend talks and meeting which has made this summer all the more valuable in experiencing life as an academic.

As I progress to third year Maths, I am more than grateful to have had this summer as an opportunity to gain essential experience and knowledge to further my career and I couldn’t have done it with a better bunch of people!

Author: Aimee Rice